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What Are The Advantages Of Buying A Mobile Home
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Weighing the advantages and disadvantages of buying a mobile home will help you decide if this housing option is for you. The choice really depends on your personal situation. It might help to offer an explanation of some of the differences (in definition and application) between mobile homes, manufactured homes and modular homes before. Continue reading

How Safe

Manufactured Homes are as Safe as Traditional Homes During a Storm

ARLINGTON, Va. (Updated Aug.2017) — Manufactured homes are as safe as traditional homes during a storm, and in hurricane zones, the standards for manufactured homes are more stringent than regional and national building codes for site-built homes.The Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI), the national trade association for the factory-built housing industry, is working to clear up the negative stereotypes about manufactured homes and inform the public that since 1976 they have been built to rigorous federal standards.

“The standards for manufactured housing are subject to robust compliance and quality assurance regulations, sometimes more stringent than those for traditional site-built homes,” says Richard Jennison, President and CEO of MHI. “The building materials in today’s manufactured home are the same as those used in site-built homes. The homes are engineered for wind safety based on the geographic region in which they are sold.”

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Why Buy

Reasons To Buy A Manufactured Home
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Manufactured homes have come a long way since their inception. Many people think of manufactured homes and a picture of a mobile home is what comes to mind. However, this is not at all the case for modern homes. If you’re looking to become a homeowner, manufactured homes just might be a great option for you.

On average, manufactured homes sell for $49 per square foot– that’s less than half the $107 per square foot national average that traditionally-built homes sell for. Why? Because they also cost about half of what traditionally-constructed homes cost to build. Simply put, this means you get more house for less money. Continue reading


Myths About Manufactured Homes

By Alex Yeager In Manufactured Home News

Old myths and stereotypes surrounding prefabricated housing are obsolete and misleading.

The lack of affordable homeownership has reached crisis level in the country. Lower income wage earners and many middle-income citizens have been priced out of the market.For many, there doesn’t appear to be a path to the uniquely American dream of quality homeownership.

There is indeed a doable option that many may have not seriously considered based on myths and mischaracterizations: –Today’s modern manufactured homes.

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