Advantages of Single-Wide vs. Double-Wide Homes

When it comes to choosing your manufactured home, the decision between single-wide and double-wide models gives you a wide range of advantages that cater to different preferences and needs. By understanding the benefits of both models, it can help you make the best decision for your lifestyle and budget. Here are a few of the advantages of both single-wide and double-wide manufactured homes!

Advantages of Single-Wide Homes


Single-wide homes are generally more budget friendly than their double-wide counterparts. These homes offer a great option for a first time homebuyer or someone looking to invest in owning a home without stretching their budget too thin!


Even though single-wide homes might be a little smaller, they are actually designed with space efficiency in mind. Their narrow layout actually maximizes every square foot, making them a more practical choice for people looking for a cozy but functional place to live!


Single-wide manufactured homes normally need less maintenance compared to double-wide manufactured homes because of their smaller size. Because there are fewer rooms and less square footage to clean and keep up with, homeowners can actually save time and money on the upkeep, which allows them to focus on enjoying their home instead of having to constantly keep up with maintenance tasks.


Single-wide manufactured homes are easier to move and install, which offers you more flexibility in placement options. Whether you’re looking to put your home on a rented lot, private property, or maybe even in a manufactured home community, single-wide manufactured homes give more versatility in choosing the best location for your lifestyle and needs!

Advantages of Double-Wide Homes


Double-wide manufactured homes offer a lot more square footage than single-wide manufactured homes do, giving you plenty of space for families or people who are looking for extra room for living, entertaining, and storage. The additional space can allow larger bedrooms, bathrooms, and living areas, providing you with enhanced comfort and versatility.


With the larger amount of space, double-wide manufactured homes offer more customization options for floor plans, interior finishes, and optional features. Homeowners can personalize their space to match their specific needs, preferences, and lifestyle, creating a home that actually reflects their personality and style.


Because of their larger size and higher number of amenities, double-wide manufactured homes may have a bit of a higher resale value compared to single-wide manufactured homes. So, by investing in a double-wide home, this can actually be a wiser long-term decision, since it might give you a higher return on investment if you decide to sell in the future.

Choosing between single-wide manufactured homes and double-wide manufactured homes ultimately depends on your personal priorities, preferences, and budget. While single-wide homes will offer you affordability, space efficiency, and easier maintenance, double-wide homes can give you more space, customization options, and potential for higher resale value. By weighing the advantages of both options, you can make an informed decision that lights up with your personal lifestyle and goals, making sure that you find the perfect option to call home!

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